Length: about 3 hours.
Distance: 4 kilometres.
Difficulty: low.

simbolos 2


2. Environmental Tour

1. You should wear comfortable shoes.
2. You should be careful when you enter in the fishing pens. It is forbidden to move the stones.
3. If you see a chameleon, do not touch it please! Do not pick the plants.
4. The tour should start when the tide is low in order to see the fishing pens properly.

Throughout this tour, you will discover some of the wildest natural landscapes of Rota. It starts with the visit of the Atlántico Park. We will continue walking to the Costilla beach and from there, we will head to the Playa de la Luz Hotel, in the north of the town.

Along the beach you can admire the dunes and brooms until you arrive at the hotel, which was originally an ancient tuna factory. The fishing pens are situated under the sea just on the right of the hotel. You can only see them if the tide is low. These plots date back to the Arab era. They were built by fitting stones tightly and they can be around one and half metres high. Fish, crustaceans and shellfish get trapped inside these plots during the low tide so the fishers can capture them easily.

Then we will head to the dunes from which we will enjoy a beautiful view of the pinewood, the beach and the fishing pens.

As we go into the forest we will observe a change in the landscape. The coastal area is made of brooms and short pines and in the centre of the pine forest we will find tall and large pines and a leisure area where you can have a break. On the way, we will also see a very tall column called geodesic vertex which indicates the highest point of the area in an aerial photograph.

At the end of the tour you can come back to Rota either on foot or, if you are very tired, by bus. There is a bus stop at Diputación Avenue, which is just leaving the pinewood. The bus runs every 30 minutes.


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