Different activities such as the Festival of the Carnival Groupings, the Coronation of the Mermaid and the infant Mermaid, the Carnival proclamation or the Sunday parade are carried out in the middle of February. All the citizens dress up and participate in these acts to demonstrate their sense of humour.

Saint John Festivity

On the occasion of the eve of the traditional festivity of Saint John, some local associations install platforms in the city squares to burn the traditional “juanillos” (dolls made of old clothes stuffed with hay) at midnight. One of the most popular burnings takes place in La Costilla beach and it is organized by the City Hall Department of Festivities. At the end, there is a firework display.

Holy Week

It is very easy to get excited about Easter here in Rota since we live it in a very special way. The procession of Our Father Jesus of Nazareth, which counts on a large number of penitents, is one of the most expected ones in our town. We can see this brotherhood in the town streets on Good Friday at dawn. Other noteworthy brotherhoods are the Blessed Christ of the Veracruz and the Holy Burial of our Lord Jesus (on Good Friday), our Lady of Sorrow and Blessed Christ of the Charity (on Holy Thursday), our Father of the Health in his Three Falls, our father Jesus Captive and Rescue, our Father Jesus of the Peace, our Blessed Christ of Love and our Father Jesus Resurrected.

Urta Festival

This popular festival in Rota has been declared a national tourist attraction in Andalusia and it is celebrated during four days in the middle of August. Especially for the occasion, a lot of tents are built around a big stage where different traditional performances take place. An urta cooking contest is held on the last day of the festival.

Spring fair

Our fair is a nice and funny Andalusian festivity. There you can find a lot of cheerful tents set by different fair associations, a beautiful lighting, a noisy street full of disco tents and a manor and wide promenade full of horse carts. You can also see a flamenco dancing contest, witness an ornament and a cattle contest and enjoy at the funfair.

Patron Saint Festivity

This festivity is dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary, Patron Saint of Rota and it dates back to the XVI century. It starts with the sound of the church bells and it is celebrated during four days. You can enjoy seeing a firework display and a giant and big-head parade. Other activities carried out during this festivity are the proclamation in honour of the Patron Saint and the coronation of the “Dama Mayor” and her court. On October the 7th the procession of the Patron Saint goes through the town streets in the evening.