"Herbalife Villa de Rota" Triathlon

One of the most important sports events in Rota takes place on the first weekend of September at Punta Candor Beach, a privileged natural environment. It consists of 750 metres of swimming race, almost 20 kilometres of cycling track and 5 kilometres of running track. More than 400 people participate in this triathlon. It is one of the most ancient triathlons celebrated in Andalusia.

The "Arranque Roteño" Festival

“El Viejo Agujeta” Association celebrates this flamenco festival every August. The best “cantaores” (flamenco singers), guitar players and flamenco dancers meet at this festival. You can have a good time enjoying a flamenco show and also tasting the most popular dish of Rota “the Arranque Roteño”. It is made of garlic, tomatoes, bread and olive oil and gives its name to the festival.

Handicraft Markets

Throughout the year, there are different thematic markets which offer different products depending on the season of the year they are celebrated. They also offer very interesting leisure and cultural activities to local citizens and visitors.

Motorbike Concentration

The “Villa de Rota” winter motorbike concentration is one of the most prestigious and ancient motorbike concentrations in Andalusia which takes place every February. Thousands of bikers and visitors come to Rota to attend this tourist attraction.

Tapas Festival

Every year, in the middle of September, there is a mouth-watering festival where a large number of our local commercial establishments meet and offer the attendants a lot of varied and innovative “tapas” (small traditional dishes). All of them are elaborated with local products.