"De tapeo"



Some of the most typical dishes of Rota are roasted peppers, the “arranque roteño” (made of tomatoes, bread, peppers and garlic mashed all together and dressed with olive oil and a pinch of salt), the “berza roteña” (a type of stew made with white beans, chickpeas and chards), the tomato soup and last but not least, the “urta a la roteña” (a typical fish of this region cooked with some vegetables in the oven).


Urta a la Roteña

The Urta a la Roteña is a typical dish of our town. Although you know the recipe, this delicious dish will not taste the same as if you try it in Rota. It is made of local products and it is a mixed of sea flavours and vegetables (tomatoes, onions, green peppers, garlic, olive oil, bay leaves, peppercorns, Fino wine and salt). Do not resist the temptation and come to try it! You will not regret it!

The Tintilla

Rota and some of its local companies are members of the wine and brandy route in Jerez. As all of its members, Rota has its own specialty: the “Tintilla”. This sweet and delicious wine is extracted from dark red grapes. Its elaboration process is very slow and expensive. It is highly recommended to have it as an appetizer or as a dessert.



There is a wide variety of possibilities for those people who want to try delicious and traditional local dishes. A lot of restaurants and local bars situated in the centre or in the outskirts of the town offer their customers really delightful dishes. In summer you can find nice and lively pubs near the port.

Fuego Restaurante
Avda. Catavino de oro, 1.

Bar Periquito
Plaza de España

Bar Mercado Central “La Merced”
Plaza de la Merced. Municipal Central Market

Las tres Calles
19, Avenida Mª Auxiliadora

El Bar de Moe
12, Avenida de la Marina

Bar Palma
Calle Ramón de Carranza

El Callejón de Cádiz
6 B, Avenida San Fernando

Mesón Los Arcos
24, Calle Rubén Darío

Mesón El Galleguito
13, Plaza de la Cantera


Tarta Flo
Municipal Central Market

Restaurante El Picadero
95, Avenida de la Diputación

Restaurante El Pesebre San José
11, Avenida de Sevilla


El Castillito
Plaza Padre Eugenio

La Sacristía de la Bodeguita Romero
12, Plaza de la Cantera

El Faro
Avenida Santiago Guillén Moreno. Virgen del Mar Residencial Area.

Bar La Feria
42, Calle Mina

El Perejil
Pasaje del Carnaval

Bar La Concha
Plaza Bartolomé Pérez

La Antigua
3, Avenida San Fernando

Bodegón La Mina
Calle Mina

La Terraza
6, Avenida San Fernando

Sedona Bar&Grill
La Espadaña Aparthotel (150, Avenida de la Diputación)

Mesón Crisana
31, Calle Mina

Tronío Tapeo con Arte
8, Avenida San Fernando

Restaurante Al-Andalus
54, Avenida Príncipes de España

Chiringuito Sol y Luna (Costa Ballena)
Peña del Águila. Costa Ballena


6, Calle Veracruz

Plaza Nueva
2, Plaza Jesús Nazareno

Bar La Plaza
5, Plaza de Andalucía

Restaurante Costa Rica (Hotel Caribe)
60, Avenida de la Marina


El Alambique
64, Calle Higuereta

La Moderna
13, Avenida Mª Auxiliadora


La Pepa
15, Avenida de Sevilla