Come to cook


Paco Guzmán.- Andalusia offers a balanced standard of living which attracts those people who have travelled a little bit around the world. That is the reason why Andalusia receives a lot of European tourists interested in a high quality tourism, in its gastronomy, wines and culture. I have been lucky to end living in Rota, a quiet and cosmopolitan town.


"It is worth coming to live
to this town and cooking"


You can count on a large number of different fresh fish captured in the Bay and high quality cheeses, meat and vegetables which encourage you to cook them. It is worth coming to this town and cooking. During the year and a half that I have been living in Rota, I have been able to integrate myself in the local gastronomy. I feel really comfortable cooking in Rota since it has a wide variety of local dishes. Here, I can enjoy a stable life all year long. Rota is not just a coastal town.


"Rota is not just a coastal town."


Paco Guzmán

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