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Gloria Muñoz.- My name is Gloria. I have been working as a banker since I was 18 years old until I have luckily retired. Due to my work, I had to live some years out of my town. I love travelling and I have visited almost all parts of Spain, some places in Europe and a lot of towns and cities in Morocco.

Rota has been my host town since I was 10 years old and the fact of being far from it make me value it even more. I always say to myself and to my beloved family and friends that I am really fortunate to live in this excellent town.


"I am really fortunate to live
in this excellent town."


RecuperaVida02Now that I am retired, I can enjoy two-hours walks and baths all year and specially in winter if it is not too cold outside. Anyway, the climate here is really warm. If you are in the mood and you feel energetic, you can go to Chipiona walking along the beach. I have sometimes done this route. When there is a high tide, I walk along the wooden walkway which goes through the pine woods from Punta Candor until Virgen del Mar and then I continue walking along the promenade. I usually have a look at the tide schedule before leaving home since I prefer walking along the beach and having a bath in the sea. I can assure you that they cheer you up, rejuvenate and revitalise you. Besides, for those of you who, like me, want to loose weigh, it helps you to burn some calories. I highly recommend you to do it, it is free and keeps you away from the psychologist. I can assure you.


"The baths and walks cheer you up
and rejuvenate you"


Gloria Muñoz

Gloria RecuperaVida