A family city

José Miró.- Rota, a well-loved city if ever there was one. I remember those summers I used to spend with my family when I was a child, memories of so many years enjoying what this beloved town offers us. Every year, after winter, we come back to Rota and I remember the reasons why I like living here so much and I visit it every year together with my family: its sea, its smells, its beaches, its people, the town itself…


"...a combination of tradition and modernity which shelters families from all parts of Andalusia and Spain."


Rota’s sea: I have discovered it for so many years in many different ways: from the beach, fishing on it or even diving. There is no place on the coast of Rota that I have not enjoyed yet, from the El Rompidillo Beach to Punta Candor and beyond. Atlantic waters full of colours which the winds let us discover. Hot east wind which lightens the sea bringing the turquoise-blue waters from the strait. Cold west wind which approximates the Guadalquivir River and muddy the sea beds. Crabs, sea nettle jellyfish, urchins, limpets, whelks… And for sure, the red band breams. I had the opportunity of diving next to them and it was fantastic, I enjoyed a lot.

Familia02Its smells: A deep inspiration to feel my childhood entering my lungs. Smell of low tide. Pure Atlantic Ocean which shows us its richness, small rocks, fishing pens of Rota…
The smell of the pines. Centenary pine forest where we went on excursion every day and which everybody can enjoy now thanks to the wood walkways installed over it. Fragrances which make me walk through it every year.

Its beaches: Fine and clean sand which I want to feel among my toes every year. They are a good example of good care and maintenance along the coast. I enjoyed a lot of sunsets talking to my family and friends at the beach. I remember those endless summer holidays eating chips, hearing the man who sold snacks shouting “cositasbuenas”, feeling the hot sand after a long and cold bath in the sea and big families around the old beach boxes. A lot of families saw them and still meet at the beach such as the Cuadra, Reyes, Benítez, Piñal, Gomez-Ferrer, Pavón, Bonet, Blanco and Miró families. What memories!

The town itself: A nice town and an excellent tourist destination. A welcoming and cheerful town in summer for a lot of people. One of the most beautiful towns in the area.

Its people: It is always a pleasure to met the fishermen and farmers who work hard here. They are a source of inspiration for my photographies. Memories which form the town we have today. A mix of tradition and modernity which host a lot of families from Andalusia and other places in the world.

I have enjoyed the town for 56 years and I am really fortunate for that. I will continue enjoying Rota as my parents still do nowadays.


"I hope to continue enjoying the
summers in Rota with all my family
for much longer."

José Miró

JoseMiro Familiara