Rota is a gayfriendly city


Manuel Barba- as we are owners of a bar and a hostel, we know the customers’ experiences in Rota first-hand and they all get surprised by its privileged location, its cleanliness, its special charm and its local festivities such as Carnival, Easter or the Spring Fair.

Rota is a gayfriendly city since its citizens are very open-minded; they have a different way of thinking and feeling from the people who live in the surrounding towns. Maybe our character has been marked by the American influence, whose people are from different races and cultures


“When our customers come to Rota 
they get surprised by its privileged location 
its cleanliness and its special charm.”


LGBT01LGBT01Rota is a city where you can come to relax during your holidays, enjoy trying its typical dishes or having a coffee or a drink in some of the many outdoor terraces of its restaurants and bars. Same sex partners can enjoy having dinner at the romantic restaurant called “Lolita”, run by a women couple, at the “Talavan” tavern or at “El Torito” bar. “El Torito” bar is a benchmark tapas bar for the GLTB group where every Wednesday in summer a drag queen called “Bella Tatoo” makes funny performances. You can witness the amount of local citizens of all ages who attends this show with complete normality. I have never seen such a colourful mix of people at any other place.

We can not forget the Punta Candor Beach, a wild natural area where nudism is allowed. In a relatively small city, marriage between people of the same sex is seen as normal as a traditional wedding. Since the approval of the same gender marriage, our Municipal Castle is one of the most popular places couples choose to celebrate their weddings.


"Rota is an ideal gay-friendly city full of lovely spots

and people where you can really be yourself." 


Manuel Barba

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