Rota is a gayfriendly city


Manuel Barba- as we are owners of a bar and a hostel, we know the customers’ experiences in Rota first-hand and they all get surprised by its privileged location, its cleanliness, its special charm and its local festivities such as Carnival, Easter or the Spring Fair.

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A family city

José Miró.- Rota, a well-loved city if ever there was one. I remember those summers I used to spend with my family when I was a child, memories of so many years enjoying what this beloved town offers us. Every year, after winter, we come back to Rota and I remember the reasons why I like living here so much and I visit it every year together with my family: its sea, its smells, its beaches, its people, the town itself…

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The paradise: Costa Ballena

Primi Sánchez.- When I moved to live in Costa Ballena in September 2000, I did it in order to live near my work place and because I knew the advantages and the comforts which living in a complex like this one would give me. After 15 years living there I can say that it has been worthy. Every year, our seasonal neighbors come back sad to their homes and remind us how lucky we are to live here the whole year.

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A Sports Town

CarlosRuiz Deportes

Carlos Ruiz.-My name is Carlos Ruiz, I am 42 years old and I have had the privilege and benefit of being born in this small paradise called Rota.  I consider myself a sports enthusiast. When I was a child I practised all kind of sports and for the last 17 years I have regularly done triathlons so I can say that Rota is the ideal place to do it.

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Get years of life back


Gloria Muñoz.- My name is Gloria. I have been working as a banker since I was 18 years old until I have luckily retired. Due to my work, I had to live some years out of my town. I love travelling and I have visited almost all parts of Spain, some places in Europe and a lot of towns and cities in Morocco.

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Come to cook


Paco Guzmán.- Andalusia offers a balanced standard of living which attracts those people who have travelled a little bit around the world. That is the reason why Andalusia receives a lot of European tourists interested in a high quality tourism, in its gastronomy, wines and culture. I have been lucky to end living in Rota, a quiet and cosmopolitan town.

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